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Make Health a New Year’s Resolution

31 Dec 2020

As the year 2020 closes, health advocates and Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) Philippines reiterates the importance of quitting the habit of smoking and greet the new year by maintaining a healthier lifestyle.


“This year hit us hard but this pandemic has at least opened our eyes to put health as our priority,” said ASH Executive Director and Pulmonologist Dr. Maricar Limpin. “Choosing a healthy lifestyle is no longer a lenient option especially during these times that we are facing one of the biggest health crises. We strongly urge everyone to refrain from risking your health and quit unhealthy habits such as smoking as early as now.”


Health advocates emphasized that smoking during this pandemic can increase the chances of contracting a severe form of Covid-19, on top of that, the hand to mouth action from smoking makes transmission of the virus therefore making it easier for smokers to become infected.


Furthermore, secondhand smoke puts everyone around the smoker at risk as studies have shown tobacco smoke contains more than 7,000 chemicals wherein 70 are known to cause cancer.


Smoking is a prime factor in multiple health diseases, not just lung cancer. It has been known to cause stroke, asthma, chronic diseases, and even heart problems.


By refraining from smoking, the unnecessary health complications brought on by tobacco usage and secondhand smoke will be averted.


Limpin also warned vape and e-cigarette users that switching to e-cigarettes does not remove the harmful effects of smoking as these also pose risk to the health just as much as traditional cigarettes. Just early this year, an outbreak of more than 2000 EVALI/Lung injury cases from were reported in the US with one case in the Philippines from last year.


“While the following year remains uncertain as new strains of the virus are emerging, we hope that health will be a part of everyone’s new year resolution, and that more people will quit smoking,” said Limpin.

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