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ASH PH lauds President Duterte's EO No. 106, strict e-cig regulation and FDA as the regulator of these products

27 Feb 2020

Action on Smoking & Health (ASH) Philippines lauds President Duterte for signing executive order no. 106, which prohibits the manufacture, distribution, marketing, and sale of unregistered electronic cigarettes and other novel tobacco products.

"We are grateful that President Duterte has remained true to his promise to put a prime on the health of the Filipinos and to protect their welfare over and above the vested commercial interest of the e-cigarette industry," said Dr. Maricar Limpin, ASH Philippines Executive Director and National Secretary of Philippine College of Physicians.

Most importantly, Limpin also commends President Duterte for recognizing the Food and Drug Administration as the lead agency to regulate e-cigarettes. "The president has the wisdom to ensure that e-cigarettes be regulated by the appropriate government agency that has the mandate and the capacity to do so."

"The FDA is the only appropriate lead agency to regulate ENDS/ENNDS and HTPs as these are not harmless products with the primary purpose of delivering nicotine, a potentially lethal drug, along with other chemical which are suspected carcinogens. FDA has the proper knowledge and expertise to determine its safety. The Congress’ recently enacted RA 11467 under Section 144 already granted regulatory jurisdiction to the FDA to formulate the intended regulatory framework for these products," Limpin furthered.

Limpin also appeals to the Congress to follow through the steps of the President in the regulation of e-cigarettes.

"Let’s pray that now that we have RA 11467 and the EO, those in the legislative will heed the call of the president and not do anything to thwart the president’s EO."

Under the EO, all electronic nicotine/non-nicotine delivery systems, heated tobacco products, and other novel tobacco products shall be registered with the FDA. Use, sale, or purchase of a person below 21 and vaping in public other than the designated smoking/vaping areas (DSVA) are also prohibited. The measure was signed into law by President Rodrigo Duterte last February 26, 2020.

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