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ASH Philippines, together with the mother organization FCAP, are lead organizations that provide:

1) Leadership programs in tobacco control structured around the World Health Organization MPOWER strategies to reduce tobacco use and are delivered by our faculty who are experts in the field of tobacco control leadership, advocacy, research and communications. This program is intended  for local chief executives, local legislators, and local community leaders. The aim of the program is to develop and enhance leadership to the local government units in the Philippines for the development and enactment of effective tobacco control interventions in their respective localities.

2) Skills training workshops on tobacco control policy implementation and enforcement structured around the local ordinances and are delivered by the country’s experts in the field of tobacco control and law enforcement. This is intended for local administrators, health officials, local enforcers and other community members who will be part of the tobacco control task force. 

3) leadership and skills development program in tobacco cessation provided by our faculty who are experts in tobacco cessation.  This program is intended for health professionals in the local government units with the aim of developing and enhancing skills to effectively establish programs to help people in the community to quit smoking

Module Development

ASH Philippines has developed the following modules

1) National Quitline, through a grant from the World Health Organization, is developed structured around the 5 A’s and is intended for providers of tobacco cessation using the quitline. This now served as the foundation of the Philippines national quitline based in Lung Center of the Philippines.

(2) Brief Tobacco Intervention Skills Training module intended for health professionals who will become providers and trainors of brief tobacco intervention. This is structured around 5 As and aims to develop and enhance skills in brief tobacco intervention to help people in the community to quit smoking

Policy/Legislative Advocacy

1) ASH Philippines together with FCAP are one of the major players who successfully worked for the passage of the Sin Tax Reform Law in 2012, considered to be the game changer in health. Just recently, in December 2017, another round of increases, albeit small, in tobacco tax was included in the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) Law. Not satisfied with these increases, ASH Philippines is gearing up for another attempt to further push for higher tobacco tax by 2019.

2) Tax on Sugar Sweetened Beverages. ASH Philippines, as the chair of the Philippine Coalition for the Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases (PCPCNCD), led the whole medical community in the successful enactment of Sugar Sweetened beverage tax included in TRAIN. This policy aims to address the growing problem of obesity and diabetes in the Philippines. An earmarking to address the long-standing problem on malnutrition was also successfully included in the law. 

3) ASH Philippines is also gearing up to work on increasing tax on alcohol to help address the huge problem on the harmful consumption of alcohol as well as address alcohol-related road safety problems in the country


1) ASH Philippines recently concluded the study “Impact Assessment of Smokefree Policy in Government Workplaces”.  This study was commissioned by the Civil Service Commission to determine the impact of CSC Memo Circular 17, series 2009.

2) On-going Baseline Health Profiling among tobacco farmers in Ilocos Region (WHO-DOHR1 Dec 2017 to Novemebr 2019)

Research FCAP/ASH Philippines:

1) Survey of Tobacco Growing Areas in the Philippines. Manila: University of the Philippines Los Baños and Framework on Convention on Tobacco Control Alliance Philippines (FCAP), Espino R., D. Evangelista, E. Dorotheo. 2008

2) An Awareness And Opinion Poll on Labelling, Packaging and Taxation on Tobacco Products (Project POLSKA), Framework on Convention on Tobacco Control Alliance Philippines (FCAP), Limpin, Maria Encarnita B, MD and De Leon, Jessica C., 2010

3) Project DOORs for a Qualitative Concept Evaluation on Smokefree Online and Mobile Apps, Assessing Social Media As A Tool In Philippines To Support Social Norms That Create Demand For Smoke-Free Policies: Johns Hopkins School Of Public Health and Framework on Convention on Tobacco Control Alliance Philippines (FCAP), 2013

Capacity Building
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